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Grants enable nonprofits to impact the lives of the communities they serve and change our country for the better each day.

Grants enable nonprofits to impact the lives of the communities they serve and change our country for the better each day.    

According to the Tax Policy Center, in 2019, the federal government distributed $721 billion in grants to state and local governments, about 16% of the United States budget. This amount does not even include the grants that are also funded by private foundations and corporations.  

Perhaps it’s time for you to apply for a grant and get a slice of that pie too?   

Some agencies are fortunate to have a grant writer on staff who is responsible for preparing grant applications. If you are not one of them, your options would be to 1) write it yourself or 2) obtain the services of a professional grant writer. 

The Balance recognizes that all nonprofits face much of the same challenges when they’re seeking grants: lack of time, lack of staff, lack of money for database subscriptions, and lack of understanding of what makes the best fit for funding. Writing a single federal grant application takes a nonprofit an average of between 80 and 200 hours.”  This does not include the time it takes to prospect for the grant that is best suited for the organization. alone showcases over 900 federal grant programs offered by 26 different grant-making agencies.  It’s hard for many DIY grant writers to even know where to begin, so oftentimes they just don’t, or they deliver a product that is not fruitful which in turn makes the writer feel like it was all just a waste of time. 

There are many reasons why a professional grant writer is a wise investment for your organization. 

Professional grant writers are accustomed to the tedious timelines and application requirements and are able to organize their time and material accordingly so they can deliver a competitive, robust grant package. 

Get Fully Funded notes that a professional grant writer will see things in your nonprofit’s programs that you may not see. They may understand how to explain impact and outcomes in better terms than you can, both because of their experience and because they aren’t as close to your programs as you are. Based on their experience, they may know a way to position your program so that it meets a funder’s criteria in a less-than-obvious way, giving you a chance where you didn’t think you had one.” 

The Woolf Group has both the expertise and success stories to affirm that hiring us as your professional grant writing solution is a superior choice. Are you ready to get started? 

By Cindy Johnson
Cindy Johnson is a Research Specialist & Strategy Consultant @ TWG