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Liberty and Justice for All


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence



As we commemorate America’s 246th birthday, many of us are celebrating as the earliest Americans did by attending parades, bonfires, concerts and more. Independence and freedom are gifts American citizens inherit and our Declaration of Independence has been a model for many other countries seeking the same.


At TWG, we often reflect on the meaning of liberty and justice for all and the importance of providing safe and secure communities so that all Americans can live their lives in peace. We work side by side numerous organizations who serve victims of heinous crimes and those who work to provide healthcare, employment and justice to marginalized communities.  The Nonprofit sector is growing (with roughly 1.8 million nonprofit organizations in 2021) because there is a higher demand for the services they provide. The Urban Institute Report on Nonprofit Trends and Impacts in 2021 notes how “The nonprofit sector is a critical part of the civic infrastructure in the United States. Nonprofit organizations play a vital role delivering services, strengthening communities, and facilitating civic engagement.”


We are grateful for the non-profits around our nation and see first hand how they serve the needs of millions of people in the United States. By providing educational, health, and social services they help strengthen the fabric of our communities in a way that our government cannot fully provide. In many ways they are the unsung heroes of our nation and we value their partnership and personal commitment to making life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness more obtainable for those who might otherwise be overlooked.


We are also proud of the generous spirit we have seen from foundations and funders who have sustained these non-profits through the years. According to data collected from the past 10 years, “the United States emerged as the most charitable country, with a score of 58%. Of those surveyed in the U.S. over the ten-year period, 72% reported helping a stranger, 61% reported donating to a charity, and 42% reported having volunteered their time to an organization.”  Now that is something our founding father’s would be proud of!


We believe that by protecting and caring for all American people, we can preserve the American spirit and the American way of life.


Bill Woolf – Principal and Founder of TWG