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Pioneering Study by United Against Slavery supported by The Woolf Group Reveals New Avenues in Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts 

Washington, D.C., February 13, 2024 – United Against Slavery, in a groundbreaking collaboration with several organizations and subject matter experts, including The Woolf Group, unveiled the results of the National Outreach Survey for Transportation (NOST) 2021. This initiative, marking a significant leap in the fight against human trafficking, leverages the collaborative’s policy prowess to dissect and understand the role of the transportation sector in combating this global menace. 

The comprehensive survey, drawing on responses from 3,896 transportation professionals, including direct insights from survivors, showcases a concerted effort to empower those on the frontline of this battle. The vast array of data and analysis offers a nuanced perspective on the systemic barriers and opportunities for intervention within the sector. 

A deep dive into the findings reveals a pronounced need for standardized, industry-wide training on recognizing and responding to signs of human trafficking. An overwhelming 85% of participants identified a gap in their knowledge and skills, pointing to an urgent call for action to equip these key stakeholders with the tools they need to make a difference. 

Moreover, the survey highlights the essential role of legislation in enabling and enhancing these efforts. The report calls for a robust legal framework that supports the transportation industry’s role in prevention and response to human trafficking. 

Reflecting on the collaboration, Bill Woolf, Principal at The Woolf Group, remarked, “The insights gained through our partnership with United Against Slavery in the NOST 2021 project are invaluable. It’s clear that the transportation sector holds untapped potential in the fight against human trafficking. The collective work of all the experts contributing to this report underscores the critical need for informed policy-making that can guide and amplify these efforts. The Woolf Group is proud to contribute our policy expertise to such a pivotal cause, aiming to drive meaningful change and support for survivors, and look forward to advocating for necessary policy change in Washington.” 

This report sets a new benchmark for collaborative research in the field, underscoring the power of partnership between policy experts and frontline organizations in addressing human trafficking. The team is committed to continuing their work, using these findings to advocate for targeted interventions and policies that will safeguard vulnerable communities and dismantle trafficking networks. 

For further information on the study’s findings and to explore the full report, please visit National Outreach Survey for Transportation (NOST), 2021. 


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About United Against Slavery 

United Against Slavery is a leader in the global movement to end human trafficking, dedicated to empowering survivors, informing policy, and fostering collaboration across sectors to eradicate this form of modern-day slavery.