Our Services

TWG offers an array of tailored services to help you meet your goals.  We are confident that our experience and network will help take the guess work out of navigating complex systems and developing successful strategies so you can focus on what is most important – your mission. 

Government Relations & Policy Development

Leveraging the government to enact policies or legislation can be a critical component to a successful strategy in achieving your goals and objectives.  However, many organizations don’t consider it an option because of how frustrating and complex navigating the government can be.  The TWG family brings decades of experience working alongside and within both legislative and executive branches of government.  We are here to support your policy needs throughout the entire process – drafting policy, setting meetings, pitching your ideas, or helping to get it across the goal line – we have the experience and connections to get the government working for you! 

  • Strategic policy counsel 
  • Policy drafting 
  • Policy advocacy (legislative and executive) 
  • Meeting preparation and debriefing 
  • Briefing material development and review 
  • Policy Review and Consultation 

Wraparound Grant Acquisition and Management Services

Grant funding should be a key part of any non-profit’s funding strategy but navigating both foundation and government grants can be a very time consuming and confusing process.  The TWG family specializes in grant research and writing.  Our team has participated in every part of the process from finding and applying for grants firsthand, managing large federal awards, serving as peer reviewers on federal review panels, writing grant programs, and providing oversight.  We don’t just support other organizations; we have actually done the work ourselves.  With access to databases of more than 200,000 grant-making foundations, we will help you reach your funding goals.  Our team can also help match the right federal grant with your program and ensure that your organization is ready to take on a federal award.  We will make recommendations and provide strategic guidance when it comes to grants so that you don’t waste your time or money.  We take the heavy lift of researching, analyzing, and writing grant proposals so that you can focus on your programs.

  • Grant Readiness Evaluation 
  • Grant Research and Competitive Analysis 
  • Grant Calendar Creation 
  • Drafting Grant Narratives (Foundation and Governmental) 
  • Grant Administrative Management and Support 

Non-Profit Strategy & Growth

Let us use our years of experience building non-profits to help you achieve your mission.  Whether it is strategic planning, communications support, website and graphic design, or management and operational assistance with a specific program, or your organization as a whole, we have the skills, expertise, and network to ensure that you become a leader in your field and your goals are met.  

  • Non-profit setup 
  • Tactical, Strategic, and Business Plan Development 
  • Website and Graphic Design 
  • Communications Plan Development 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Growth Strategy 
  • Fundraising Support and Planning 
  • Operational Support 
  • Program Design and Management 

Strategic Planning & Consensus Building

To get to any destination successfully and efficiently you need directions, a roadmap; advancing the goals of your organization is no different.  Our team has learned firsthand the importance of strategic planning and we want to bring our lessons learned to the table to guide you through a strategic planning process.  We also specialize in analyzing complex issues and developing blueprints or roadmaps to addressing those issues. 

Often times, there are multiple stakeholders working on the same issue.  TWG believes in strength in numbers.  We can help you build a coalition of stakeholders, where you stand out as the leader of the pack, to help achieve your goals more quickly with solutions that are well-rounded, comprehensive, and inclusive. 

  • Strategic Planning and Consultation 
  • Program or Project Design, Planning, and Execution 
  • Consensus Building 
  • Coalition Building 

Strategic and Crisis Communications Support

Organizations often have to communicate a difficult message or respond to a complex situation.  Leverage our years of communications insight to help craft your message appropriately that ensures your organization retains its position as a leader in the field.  We have more than two decades of experience providing customer service in both routine and high-stress scenarios. 

  • Communications Plan Development 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Crisis Communication Counseling 
  • Strategic Messaging Consultation 

Graphic Design, Website Development, and Communications Products

Communicating your message effectively can be the lynchpin to success.  In today’s fast-paced world, there are many platforms by which you can communicate that message.  Our communications specialists have years of experience navigating digital and print media – websites, social media, one-pagers, informational packets, reports, presentations, press releases, and media appearances.  We will ensure your messaging is relatable, on-point, and presented in the most professional and effective way.  Communicating who you are and what you do will help you achieve your mission. 

  • Website Development and Design 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Digital and Print Media Development 
  • Social Media Consultation and Management 
  • Drafting and Distributing Press Releases 
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan Development 

Training Solutions

From curriculum development to delivery, our team has provided to solutions to meet the training needs of professionals across a broad spectrum.  We provide expert insight to existing training programs or develop them from scratch ensuring the curriculum is interactive, effective, and built on the best adult learning principles.  Our development team can provide complete solutions to meet your needs within our areas of expertise. 

  • Curriculum Development and Design 
  • Curriculum Review 
  • Train-the-Trainer course development and delivery 
  • Video Production 
  • Certified Instructors for Training Delivery 
  • Collateral Material Development 

Program and Project Design and Execution

Knowing the solution to a complex problem and developing a plan to execute can sometimes be two very different things.  Without a well thought out and strategic plan, that goal or objective may never be realized.  Our team has envisioned, designed, and implemented programs and projects from a very small and focused approach, all the way up to national and federal programs.  We know how to design a program that will accomplish your mission while providing you with a plan that is both scalable and sustainable.  We are here to think through the little details and consider the factors that are often forgot about, making you highly competitive and to stand out as the leader of your pack. 

  • Strategic visioning 
  • Programmatic design 
  • Plan drafting 
  • Execution strategy 
  • Project management 
  • Administrative assistance 
  • Communications support 

Network Acceleration

Our team has been working with professionals for decades, building a list of connections that can help you achieve your goals.  Access to the right people will ensure you are able to achieve your goals – let us open those doors for you.  Our network acceleration services can also help you connect with like-minded professionals that will help move your mission along. 

Your Success is Our Success.




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