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TWG Government Relations & Policy Services

With a mission to leverage government policies, we have a proven track record of providing an array of customized support services to organizations.  

We use our years of experience in advocating for sound policy and legislation to help you achieve your mission and lead you to success. 

Legislative Monitoring

  • Legislation and Regulation Tracking 
  • Policy Review and Counsel 
  • Updates on Issues Important to You 
  • Early Access to Legislation 
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  • Meetings on The Hill, in Executive Agencies and The White House 
  • Lobbying 
  • Appropriations Requests 
  • Strategic Policy Drafting and Counsel 
  • Witness and Hearing Preparation 
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  • Coalition and Consensus Building 
  • Press and Media Strategic Consultation 
  • Research and Development 
  • Strategic Counsel on Elevating Your Voice 
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How We Work

Let’s get to know each other

  • We schedule an introductory meeting to see if we are a good fit to partner with your organization 
  • You explain your needs and goals 
  • We discuss our work and how we can work together 
  • We send a proposal with specific goals and objectives to be reviewed and signed by you

Let’s get down to business

  • We learn who you are 
  • We send you targeted legislation and proposed projects based on your organizational goals and mission 
  • We advocate on your behalf and keep you updated about what’s going on at a federal, state, and local level 

Let’s get you maximizing your impact 

We believe that we can maximize an organization’s social impact by increasing its network and reach through connections with the right people. We unburden you where and when you most need it and become your most valued asset because  

Your Success is Our Success!

Maggie Miller Ruffini

Vice President of Policy & Government Relations

1751 Pinnacle Drive
Suite 600
McLean, Virginia 22102

Meet Maggie
VP of Policy & Government Relations @ TWGStrategy

Maggie Ruffini is a scholar, strategist, and most notably, a leader.  Maggie has her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration with a minor in International Affairs from the University of Northern Iowa. During her time as an undergraduate student, Maggie’s passion for servant leadership began, and she completed internships for both United States Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-IA) and Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson. In addition to her studies, Maggie served as the University’s Director of Government Relations, advocating for the University on behalf of student interests at local, state, and federal levels. In 2018, Maggie was recognized and awarded by Black Hawk County YWCA’s Cedar Valley “Woman of Tomorrow,” for her exceptional leadership, scholastic ability, volunteer service and special achievements.  

Actively involved on Capitol Hill for several years, Maggie worked in the United States Senate until early 2022 handling Judiciary Issues for Senator Joni K. Ernst (R-IA). Maggie has an abundance of experience developing and advancing legislation over the finish line, including the Violence Against Women Act, in which she had a hand in initiating change and justice for survivors of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the US.  

With Capitol Hill and strategic expertise, as well as her ever-growing knowledge of the judiciary portfolio including issues affecting women and children, online exploitation, human trafficking prevention, and criminal justice reform, Maggie effectively leads the TWG Policy & Government Relations team and guides our clients to success. As the Vice President of Policy and Government Relations, she navigates political landscapes while leveraging government entities to work in TWG’s client’s favor.  

Outside of work, Maggie takes pleasure in traveling, entertaining friends, and spending quality time with her family. Although an Iowa native, Maggie now lives full-time in Falls Church, Virginia, with her husband and daughter. 

Leveraging the government to enact policies or legislation can be a critical component to a successful strategy in achieving your goals and objectives.

However, many organizations don’t consider it an option because of how frustrating and complex navigating the government can be.  The TWG team brings decades of experience working alongside and within both legislative and executive branches of government.

We are here to support your policy needs throughout the entire process – drafting policy, setting meetings, pitching your ideas, navigating appropriations and earmarks, or pushing it across the goal line – we have the experience and connections to get the government working for you!

Your Success is Our Success.




1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600
Mclean, Virginia 22102

    Networking Services

    Access to the right people will ensure you are able to achieve your goals – we can open those doors for you. 

    Our team has been working with professionals for decades, building a long list of connections throughout the government and private sector.  We can also help you connect with like-minded professionals that will help move your mission along. The TWG Policy & Government Relations team is active both in Washington, D.C. and in many states to remain on the forefront of emerging issues and understanding who the right contacts are for the issues we seek to address. 

    Services for Non-Profits

    We offer customized strategic solutions to our non-profit partners. We unburden our clients by filling in the gaps they identify, and by getting to know them in-depth in order to assess their needs and provide solutions. We do consultancy mainly in three central fields: fundraising, non-profit growth, and communications. We offer the following services (among others):

    Fundraising & Grant Services

    Fundraising Strategy Design & Support

    Grant Services:

    • Grant Readiness Evaluation 
    • Grant Research & Analysis
    • Grant Writing 
    • Grant Budget Design 
    • Program or Project Design
    • Grant Administrative Management and Support 

    Non-profit Growth & Acceleration

    Management Consulting, Coaching & Planning: 

    • Strategic Planning 
    • Program and Project Design 
    • Business and Growth Strategy 
    • Business Plan Development 
    • Operational Support 
    • Management Coaching and Education 

    Communication & Marketing

    Marketing and
    Communications Consulting & Planning: 

    • Marketing and Communications Strategy 
    • Marketing and Communications Plan Development 
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Crisis Communication Counseling 
    • Public Relations Strategy

    Services for Donors

    Donors and foundations play a vital role in realizing the potential of social impact initiatives. We work with them to build stronger donor programs and strategies to maximize their investment. We provide expert advice and strategic grantmaking guidance. Our team of creative problem solvers is eager to participate in a vast range of challenges from donor strategies and counseling, to making introductions to the right people. Our team has expertise in hands-on operational support tasks in the fields of: 

    • grant program development and management 
    • grant application evaluation and funding decision-making 
    • strategic planning 
    • communications strategy 
    • public relations and networking services 
    • data collection and independent research of trends, projects, and organizations.  

     We have been working with remarkable social impact projects and organizations for years and have the expertise in evaluating the potential and capacity of new initiatives.