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TWG Social Impact

With a mission to maximize social impact, we have a proven track record of providing an array of customized support services to both non-profits and donors.  

We use our years of experience building non-profits to help you achieve your mission and lead you to success in creating social impact. 

What We Do

Services for Donors

We believe that we can maximize social impact by increasing the effectiveness of philanthropy and ensuring critical resources are awarded to the right organizations. The TWG Social Impact team has years of experience working inside and alongside non-profits, giving us unique insight into which organizations are doing the best work and have a plan for sustainability and growth. We partner with donors and foundations as their expert advisors, serving their strategic needs and leading them to investments that will achieve actual impact.


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Services for Non-Profits

We believe that we can maximize social impact by increasing the strength and scale of non-profit organizations through fundraising, grant writing, organizational development, communications, and strategic planning.  The TWG Social Impact team has years of experience working inside and alongside non-profits, giving us unique insight into how to make these organizations grow and become sustainable.  We partner with non-profit organizations, through either a do-it-for-you kind of approach or serving as advisors to support their strategic needs to achieve success.


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Networking Services

We believe that we can maximize an organization’s social impact by increasing its network and reach through connections with the right people. The TWG Social Impact team has years of experience working with non-profit leaders and government decision makers. We maintain a plethora of strategic contacts to ensure we can help organizations connect with the right people to make their organizations grow and support their strategic needs to achieve success.


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How We Work

Let’s get to know each other

  • We schedule an introductory meeting to see if we would be a good fit for your organization 
  • You explain how you believe we could help you out
  • We discuss how we can work together and add some concrete ideas for strategies and interventions 
  • We send a proposal to be reviewed and signed by you 

Let’s get down to business

  • We learn who you are 
  • We start to work on the projects you request 
  • At the same time, we start diagnosing your current status and do a deep dive into your needs  
  • We create a customized action plan to share with you 

Let’s get you maximizing your impact 

We believe that we can maximize an organization’s social impact by increasing its network and reach through connections with the right people. We unburden you where and when you most need it and become your most valued asset because  

Your Success is Our Success!

Ana Figueiredo

Vice President of Social Impact

1751 Pinnacle Drive
Suite 600
McLean, Virginia 22102

Meet Ana
VP Social Impact @ TWGStrategy

Ana Figueiredo is a marketeer and an anthropologist. Although a Portuguese native, she has lived and worked in Luxembourg, London, Barcelona and Norway, and traveled around Europe, North Africa and Central America. She has undergraduate degrees in both Organizational Communication and Anthropology, a master’s degree in Art Studies, and was a PhD student in Anthropology. Ana is fluent in four languages, including Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, and has basic knowledge of 5 other languages. 

Ana Figueiredo has been actively involved with non-profit organizations since adolescence, but since 2010, has focused primarily on helping them grow through communication and organizational strategies. More specifically, she has worked in marketing, project design and management, business development and strategic planning. Working for non-profits in several countries provided invaluable knowledge of the internal issues affecting most organizations and the best practices on how to overcome them.  

Because of her combined non-profit practical experience and theoretical knowledge within the market and social sciences, with a special focus on issues affecting women, she became the non-profit strategy consultancy expert and the VP of Social Impact at TWGStrategy. 

Ana is a nature lover, a traveler, and a dancer. She’s addicted to challenges and to learning new things every day. She’s fascinated by what makes us human and by socio-cultural differences (and similarities). She currently lives with her partner and daughter in a village near the Portuguese coast. 

Our team is passionate about what we do and we approach each project with the utmost respect for our clients and their mission.

One of our most noteworthy strengths is providing personal attention without compromising professional performance.

Our biggest differentiator is our level of organization and unique methodology developed through years of experience and practical application with our own funding projects and those of our clients.

We work along side you, adopting your passions as our own, to ensure that you have every resource available to maximize your social impact.

Besides offering a vast array of services, our approach is also customized to serve your best interests. Depending on your needs, we can serve as your trusted advisor, experienced educator, or a do-it-for-you kind of approach.

Your Success is Our Success.




1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600
Mclean, Virginia 22102

    Networking Services

    Access to the right people will ensure you are able to achieve your goals – we can open those doors for you. 

    Our team has been working with professionals for decades, building a long list of connections throughout the government and private sector.  We can also help you connect with like-minded professionals that will help move your mission along. The TWG Policy & Government Relations team is active both in Washington, D.C. and in many states to remain on the forefront of emerging issues and understanding who the right contacts are for the issues we seek to address. 

    Services for Non-Profits

    We offer customized strategic solutions to our non-profit partners. We unburden our clients by filling in the gaps they identify, and by getting to know them in-depth in order to assess their needs and provide solutions. We do consultancy mainly in three central fields: fundraising, non-profit growth, and communications. We offer the following services (among others):

    Fundraising & Grant Services

    Fundraising Strategy Design & Support

    Grant Services:

    • Grant Readiness Evaluation 
    • Grant Research & Analysis
    • Grant Writing 
    • Grant Budget Design 
    • Program or Project Design
    • Grant Administrative Management and Support 

    Non-profit Growth & Acceleration

    Management Consulting, Coaching & Planning: 

    • Strategic Planning 
    • Program and Project Design 
    • Business and Growth Strategy 
    • Business Plan Development 
    • Operational Support 
    • Management Coaching and Education 

    Communication & Marketing

    Marketing and
    Communications Consulting & Planning: 

    • Marketing and Communications Strategy 
    • Marketing and Communications Plan Development 
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Crisis Communication Counseling 
    • Public Relations Strategy

    Services for Donors

    Donors and foundations play a vital role in realizing the potential of social impact initiatives. We work with them to build stronger donor programs and strategies to maximize their investment. We provide expert advice and strategic grantmaking guidance. Our team of creative problem solvers is eager to participate in a vast range of challenges from donor strategies and counseling, to making introductions to the right people. Our team has expertise in hands-on operational support tasks in the fields of: 

    • grant program development and management 
    • grant application evaluation and funding decision-making 
    • strategic planning 
    • communications strategy 
    • public relations and networking services 
    • data collection and independent research of trends, projects, and organizations.  

     We have been working with remarkable social impact projects and organizations for years and have the expertise in evaluating the potential and capacity of new initiatives.