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Strategic & Training Solutions

To get to any destination successfully and efficiently you need directions, a roadmap; advancing the goals of your organization is no different. 

We are confident that our experience and network will take the guess work out of navigating complex systems and developing successful strategies so you can focus on what is most important – your mission.

What We Do

Strategic Solutions (Domestic & International)

Our dedicated team of professionals, experienced in strategic planning and operational management, stand ready to lighten your load. Our expertise includes: 

  • Orchestrating projects both small scale and in limited duration to multi-faceted, long-term programs, including those with international impact. 
  • Leveraging our continually expanding network of domestic and international subject matter experts and connections, all with the ability to provide tailor-made support to our partners. 
  • Facilitating efficiencies within existing systems while providing effective methods to increase productivity and prepare for growth expansion. 
  • Coalition Building: Often times, there are multiple stakeholders working on the same issue.  TWG believes in strength in numbers.  We can help you build a coalition of stakeholders, where you stand out as the leader of the pack, all to help achieve your goals more quickly with solutions that are well-rounded, comprehensive, and inclusive.  

TWG will take the time to learn about your mission and goals to ensure the desired final product or program exceeds your expectations. 

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Training Solutions (Domestic & International)

Our development team leverages a vast network of expert trainers to ensure complete solutions to meet your needs. From curriculum development to delivery, our team has provided solutions to meet the training needs of professionals across a broad spectrum.  We can provide expert insight within existing training programs or develop them from scratch ensuring the curriculum is interactive, effective, and built on the best adult learning principles.  Our development team can provide complete solutions to meet your needs within our areas of expertise including: 

  • Curriculum Development and Design  
  • Curriculum Review  
  • Train-the-Trainer course development and delivery  
  • Certified Instructors for Training Delivery  
  • Collateral Material Development

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How We Work

Let’s get to know each other

  • We schedule an introductory meeting to see if we would be a good fit for your organization 
  • You explain how you believe we could help you out
  • We discuss how we can work together and add some concrete ideas for strategies and interventions 
  • We send a proposal to be reviewed and signed by you 

Let’s get down to business

  • We learn who you are 
  • We start to work on the projects you request 
  • At the same time, we start diagnosing your current status and do a deep dive into your needs  
  • We create a customized action plan to share with you 

Let’s launch your new curriculum

We believe that we can maximize an organization’s social impact by increasing its network and reach through connections with the right people. We unburden you where and when you most need it and become your most valued asset because  

Your Success is Our Success!

John Freeman

Vice President, Strategic Solutions

1751 Pinnacle Drive
Suite 600
McLean, Virginia 22102

Meet John
VP of Strategic Solutions @ TWGStrategy

John Freeman, TWG’s Vice President – Strategic Solutions

John is skilled at orchestrating efforts to develop and implement strategic and operational plans to solve challenging problems.  Leveraging his vast knowledge of navigating complex systems domestically and internationally, John spearheads programs focused on multi-disciplinary collaboration.   

Prior to joining The Woolf Group, John worked to enhance and expand human trafficking prosecutions in both Africa and Central America through his work with an international non-profit organization.   

In 2020, John retired from the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) – U.S. Department of State after twenty-one years of service, culminating in his position as DSS’ first Human Trafficking (HT) Investigations Coordinator. In this role he directed sensitive, high profile HT investigations, including victim interviews, case management, and trial preparation ultimately leading to successful federal prosecutions of human traffickers.   

Additionally, he facilitated the expansion of DSS’ focus on HT cases by implementing anti-trafficking training and HT program management for 29 DSS domestic field offices and more than 125 overseas investigative offices within U.S. Embassies while promoting DSS involvement across many federal jurisdictions using DSS’ global reach for international cases.   

In 2019 John was selected as a member of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Crime’s Working Group on Trafficking in Persons helping to showcase mutual efforts to impact transnational trafficking.  John also worked on collaborative programs to include his participation in drafting the 2020 National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.   

With decades of executive, programmatic and development experience in leadership, law enforcement, public policy, social services, and security, TWG provides you with unparalleled ability to achieve your goals.

Issue Areas We Specialize In:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Victims’ Rights
  • Violence Against Women
  • Child Exploitation & Crimes Against Children
  • Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Reform
  • Sexual Violence & Exploitation
  • Safety & Security
  • Electronic & Physical Surveillance
  • Juvenile Justice
  • General Law Enforcement Investigations
  • Law Enforcement Interview & Interrogation
  • Crime Prevention
  • Non-profit Development & Management
  • Survivor Support

Your Success is Our Success.




1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600
Mclean, Virginia 22102

    Networking Services

    Access to the right people will ensure you are able to achieve your goals – we can open those doors for you. 

    Our team has been working with professionals for decades, building a long list of connections throughout the government and private sector.  We can also help you connect with like-minded professionals that will help move your mission along. The TWG Policy & Government Relations team is active both in Washington, D.C. and in many states to remain on the forefront of emerging issues and understanding who the right contacts are for the issues we seek to address. 

    Services for Non-Profits

    We offer customized strategic solutions to our non-profit partners. We unburden our clients by filling in the gaps they identify, and by getting to know them in-depth in order to assess their needs and provide solutions. We do consultancy mainly in three central fields: fundraising, non-profit growth, and communications. We offer the following services (among others):

    Fundraising & Grant Services

    Fundraising Strategy Design & Support

    Grant Services:

    • Grant Readiness Evaluation 
    • Grant Research & Analysis
    • Grant Writing 
    • Grant Budget Design 
    • Program or Project Design
    • Grant Administrative Management and Support 

    Non-profit Growth & Acceleration

    Management Consulting, Coaching & Planning: 

    • Strategic Planning 
    • Program and Project Design 
    • Business and Growth Strategy 
    • Business Plan Development 
    • Operational Support 
    • Management Coaching and Education 

    Communication & Marketing

    Marketing and
    Communications Consulting & Planning: 

    • Marketing and Communications Strategy 
    • Marketing and Communications Plan Development 
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Crisis Communication Counseling 
    • Public Relations Strategy

    Services for Donors

    Donors and foundations play a vital role in realizing the potential of social impact initiatives. We work with them to build stronger donor programs and strategies to maximize their investment. We provide expert advice and strategic grantmaking guidance. Our team of creative problem solvers is eager to participate in a vast range of challenges from donor strategies and counseling, to making introductions to the right people. Our team has expertise in hands-on operational support tasks in the fields of: 

    • grant program development and management 
    • grant application evaluation and funding decision-making 
    • strategic planning 
    • communications strategy 
    • public relations and networking services 
    • data collection and independent research of trends, projects, and organizations.  

     We have been working with remarkable social impact projects and organizations for years and have the expertise in evaluating the potential and capacity of new initiatives.