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TWG Strategy’s Bill Woolf Praises the Introduction of the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act

Washington, D.C., February 14, 2024 — Bill Woolf, Principal at TWG Strategy and dedicated advocate in the fight to eradicate human trafficking, today voiced his strong support for the recently introduced Trafficking Survivors Relief Act. Leveraging his background as a former law enforcement officer and investigator, Woolf underscored the bill’s critical importance in advancing the rights and rehabilitation of human trafficking survivors.

“Throughout my career, from the front lines as a detective to strategic roles advising on national human trafficking policies, I’ve witnessed the devastating impact of this crime on individuals and communities,” said Woolf. “The Trafficking Survivors Relief Act represents a pivotal step toward correcting the wrongs faced by survivors who have been forced into criminality by traffickers.”

Woolf, whose work in establishing and co-directing a human trafficking task force in Northern Virginia led to the identification and recovery of hundreds of victims, emphasized the transformative potential of the legislation. “This legislation offers survivors the chance for a fresh start by clearing their records of crimes committed under coercion, recognizing their victimhood rather than criminalizing their survival.”

The bill’s introduction is a testament to the collective efforts of lawmakers, law enforcement, and advocacy groups to address the complex challenges faced by trafficking survivors. “I commend Representatives Fry, Lieu, Wagner, and Garcia for their leadership and dedication to this cause. Their bipartisan effort exemplifies the commitment and collaboration needed to support survivors and ensure they have an opportunity to rebuild their lives,” Woolf added.

Woolf’s commitment to combating human trafficking has been recognized at the highest levels, including receiving the Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. As Principal at TWG Strategy, he continues to leverage his expertise to influence policy, educate communities, and support the implementation of effective anti-trafficking strategies.

“As we move forward, it is imperative that we continue to advocate for policies that empower survivors and dismantle trafficking networks, the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act marks a critical milestone. I am proud to support this bill and the promise it holds for survivors seeking justice and healing.” Woolf concluded.


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