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Government Policies Should Move Your Mission Forward, Not Hinder Progress

Our government’s purpose is to serve the citizens of this great nation, not the other way around. Unfortunately, sometimes the government can feel like the greatest obstacle to the progress and impact organizations can have within its community. 

Many see the Government as simply a funding source to provide grants and contracts to drive work forward, but Government policies and laws can severely hinder, or support, advancement even if there is no direct investment.  For organizations that are trying to protect and promote the health and well-being of individuals in communities, ineffective or non-existent policies can tying their hands and place unnecessary challenges in their path to achieving their mission.  Innovators need the support to blaze the trail with a concept or service that would greatly improve communities, but sometimes the laws haven’t been set in motion yet on a state or federal level. 

The Government should be working for the People. 

One of the ways to do this is to advocate for sound policy and legislation. By Quorum’s definition Legislative advocacy is the most direct way for [organizations] to cause change in government policy. This includes helping a legislator introduce a bill that could help your organization or working with legislators to stop a bill that could harm your organization.” Sometimes it’s simply a matter of working closely with a legislator on the wording of a bill, or meeting with the right members of the executive branch to enact sound policy and practice – that which supports innovation and progress, not hindering it. 

Our team has decades of government experience and has seen the true power that the People have in driving forward progress. We want to partner with those groups to leverage our resources and relationships to help carry the message forward.  Government officials sometimes operate in a bubble and they need to be reminded of the needs of the communities they serve.   

TWG is here to support your policy needs throughout the entire process – drafting policy, setting meetings, pitching your ideas, or helping to get it across the goal line – we have the experience and connections to get the government working for you! 

By Bill Woolf
Bill Woolf, Principal & Founder @ TWG